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I want to start off by saying I hope everyone is safe and dry after all the rain and flooding. Myself and my family were very fortunate, as most of the flooding was just to the north and just to the south of us. Even so, there were some fallen trees and water on the road, which I decided not to risk crossing in order to commute to school. (Luckily, this will only count as an absence for one of my classes, as Kennesaw State did eventually close its doors due to the flood). I just want to remind everyone, since there is still some potential for danger, that you should never ever drive over a flooded road. It takes a deceivingly small amounts of water to cause your car to be taken off the road by moving water and most drowning deaths during a flood occur within vehicles.

Inflexible attendance policies sometimes make students risk speeding, coming to school when we’re ill and contagious, and parking illegally… but just remember that nothing is more important than your life. It was a hard choice to make not to go to class when I was perfectly well and ready, but it was the right choice. Even if this absence were to cause me to fail the class I missed (it won’t, by the way) I know that it isn’t the end of the world. I hope the rest of you will keep that in mind and consider your safety above all else when you consider road conditions.



As a commuter, I am always very excited about three day weekends. Not driving to and from school means I can save about 140 miles of travel and I don’t even want to think about how much gas money. I’m so pumped about what I’m NOT doing (driving) that I haven’t even given any thought to what I AM doing.

That aside, Labor Day means the unofficial end of summer. I’m hoping this is also the unofficial end of summer-sized gas prices. Maybe I can even stop eating up fuel with maxed out air conditioning. Please please please can we have an early autumn this year?

In short, I’m giddy about my “vehicle-cation” this weekend. Is anyone taking advantage of the time off to drive somewhere fun?

P.S….  Anyone else surprised to learn Labor Day originated in Canada?


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  • Lindsey: It could work... but like Tristan said, online or not, people will still be late or not show up, etc. But then again, I've done "half-breed" classes
  • Michael W. Ollinger: Using Second Life as a meeting tool is taking that particular technology a bit too far; it reminds me of that episode of the Office where the Stamford
  • Britney: I think new online media is very beneficial, especially in a university setting. Offering more online classes means less traffic, more room on campus