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As a commuter, I am always very excited about three day weekends. Not driving to and from school means I can save about 140 miles of travel and I don’t even want to think about how much gas money. I’m so pumped about what I’m NOT doing (driving) that I haven’t even given any thought to what I AM doing.

That aside, Labor Day means the unofficial end of summer. I’m hoping this is also the unofficial end of summer-sized gas prices. Maybe I can even stop eating up fuel with maxed out air conditioning. Please please please can we have an early autumn this year?

In short, I’m giddy about my “vehicle-cation” this weekend. Is anyone taking advantage of the time off to drive somewhere fun?

P.S….  Anyone else surprised to learn Labor Day originated in Canada?



Posted on: August 23, 2009

Welcome to Kennesaw Student Commuter, a blog about my experiences as a full-time commuter student at Kennesaw State University. I travel three times weekly from Dalton to Kennesaw to get to class. The trip is 70 miles and takes 65-90 minutes each way, depending on traffic, construction, weather, and parking. I sometimes think I should move closer to school, but despite the frustration and time-consumption, I know spending my last semester at home is the best way to save money, prepare for a career, and enjoy my family as long as possible.

I plan to write about my experiences enjoying the few perks, and minimizing the strains of a long commute. Please feel free to comment on what type of topics would interest you.


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  • Lindsey: It could work... but like Tristan said, online or not, people will still be late or not show up, etc. But then again, I've done "half-breed" classes
  • Michael W. Ollinger: Using Second Life as a meeting tool is taking that particular technology a bit too far; it reminds me of that episode of the Office where the Stamford
  • Britney: I think new online media is very beneficial, especially in a university setting. Offering more online classes means less traffic, more room on campus